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As your local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is my top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. 

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Home Seller

I would highly recommend Yolanda for any of your real estate needs. We moved from the South Bay area to Ventura County a year ago and needed someone to oversee the disposal of our Torrance home. Her recommendations as to what would make the property more saleable and then overseeing the execution of those recommendations was truly over and above just the listing of the house. Her expertise in knowing the market and what is necessary for the best outcome in the transaction is exceptional. The way she guided us through all of the negotiations, explaining it all to us in layman’s terms was amazing. She was always available for any questions we would have or would call back promptly. In the end she negotiated a great sale for both parties. If ever I should have the need to require a real estate transaction, there is only one place I would look and that would be with Yolanda Peraza, a true professional in every regard.
Jim & Betty Rickabaugh

Home Buyer

“ I did not know what to expect from a real estate agent when I started working with Yolanda, because I've been a renter for so long that the last time I shopped for a home was 25 years ago, in the Midwest. I'm sure she has spoiled me so that if (heaven forbid) I ever decide to move again, I'd never be satisfied to work with another agent. Yolanda saw me through the stage where I didn't know what I was really looking for and patiently showed me so many properties that both of us could finally see a pattern that revealed which features really attracted me the most. She took the time to explain to me, guide me, and reassure me through all aspects of the process - from making the offers, advising about countering, liaising with the seller's agent, ensuring the inspection was thorough, putting me in touch with an excellent lender and, above all, always being accessible to me. Moreover, she was so knowledgeable about the local real estate market and the available properties that I could rely on her advice with confidence. Thanks in large part to Yolanda, I am now living in a townhouse in which I truly feel comfortable and settled - within only a few weeks after moving in. She's also continuing to assist me by making sure I get the full benefits of my home warrantee and taking care of other remaining loose ends. I highly recommend Yolanda and cannot imagine that she ever has clients who don't sing her praises”.  Audrey Georg

Home Buyer and Seller

Yolanda was a real pleasure to work with. Being that this was my first home purchase, she was really patient and was extremely helpful in guiding me through this unfamiliar process. Her knowledge in the Los Angeles market and her background in escrow was extremely valuable. She even knew the exact amount of gallons a toilet is required to have by L.A. ordinances! If I am ever in the market again, I will definitely be using Yolanda.
Marcus Wesson , Brentwood

Home Seller Investor

Dear Yolanda:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank, appreciate, and commend you for your excellent assistance in selling our brand new home. Your help, dedication, hard work, and patience had been vital in accomplishing this sale. When we first met you, as with all agents, we knew nothing about you. And yet we had to make an important decision, that being, whom do we entrust with the task of selling our home. We were concerned because our home was very unique for the area, the most modern with fine appointments. We invested a large sum of money in the building of this new home and we knew that many surrounding homes were not comparable. We realized that our asking price was going to be higher than most homes in the area and that it was going to take a real estate agent with special skills to market our home and with the ability to explain to perspective buyers why our home was justifiably priced higher than the surrounding homes. From the moment we listed our home, you made us feel comfortable that we had made the right decision. You clearly explained what you were going to do for us and what your strategy was going to be. During the course of the listing period, you constantly kept us informed as to your progress. Your feedback was very helpful and it made us feel like we were not abandoned. Once you procured a buyer, your guidance throughout the escrow period was outstanding. You always answered all our questions and you always returned our calls in a timely manner. We thank you so very much for everything that you have done for us and we would recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. Sincerely Yours,  Sandra and Dino R.

Home Buyer

Yolanda is a highly professional, very friendly, patient, and hard-working agent. Not only she worked with me on finding my property and making my escrow going smoothly, but also, she keeps on helping me with my questions months and months after the sale! Yolanda takes care of her clients, thus creating a truly long term client relationship!

Olga Vlassova , Los Angeles

Home Buyer & Seller multiple times

Being an inexperienced first time home buyer, I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase from Yolanda who went well above and beyond the level of service that I expected! Thank you so much! At first, it was especially challenging for me to find a realtor that was willing to work with me on a home purchase due to my circumstances. This is until I located Yolanda who I found to be extremely friendly, knowledgeable, reputable, and most importantly committed to helping me locate a home in West LA, despite the fact that I was working from across the country in New Jersey, and was unable to physically be present in LA.  - Yolanda sacrificed personal time, whether that meant working on weekends or after standard business hours, in order to best meet my schedule, as well as carried out all of the leg work that was required in locating an exact style home that I was looking for. She was excellent in communicating to me her truthful opinion on each property and because of that, I felt very comfortable, not pressured, and rest assured throughout the entire house hunting process. She made sure that all of my questions and concerns were answered at all times. In no time, Yolanda was able to find the perfect home for me, not to mention, she was dedicated to assisting me with a smooth and painless home closing!!
It has truly been a great pleasure working with Yolanda and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is in the market for a new home. Again, thank you for making everything so easy!
Gene Liu

Home Buyer multiple times & Seller

Yolanda has been an excellent agent! We have been working with her since 2013. This year she helped us to sell our house and also to find a beautiful new one. Sadia and Shah Reza

Home Sellers

Yolanda was extremely helpful in guiding us in the sale of our property. She was very knowledgeable and patient, she always took the time to explain and answer all of our questions and concerns. She negotiated a great price for our home and also fought hard to keep the price during escrow time. we really appreciated her professionalism, care and concern. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their property. Yolanda is definitely the BEST! Adrienne Campbell & S. Pascal

VA Home Buyers

Yolanda was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of finding our home. She has excellent follow-up and stays involved even after we finalized our purchase. We had a ton of questions since we were first time buyers and our loan was a tricky VA loan, but she always sought out the answers for us and worked with our lender to ensure rules were being followed, making it less stressful and easy. We highly recommend her as an agent and if (though not sure we will since we love our home) we ever need to sell or find a new home, we will definitely call Yolanda!  M. & P. Franks

Home Buyer

With a lackluster agent helping me, I ended up wandering around town, and came across a small house that peaked my interest. I called up that agent, which was Yolanda, and she informed me that the house was a different price than what I saw on zillow. I had looked at the wrong house, but in doing so, found a fantastic real estate agent.
She developed a customized list for me and kept me up to date with consistent emails. I eventually found a house, which was a little outside of my budget. She was very helpful with the property, and her experience kept me at ease. She was persistent, and more importantly, the type to follow through.... one of the most important aspects of an agent.
At that time, I had researched prices in my area, and I thought Yolanda had overvalued the property by a bit when it came time for bidding. She didn't push me too hard, and in the end, I had to do the hard pushing myself. It turns out that I barely won my bid.... to a fellow neighbor! The house was exactly what I was looking for, minus the slightly higher price. To reiterate, Yolanda did a great job helping me out with the home purchase. With her persistence, experience, and availability(phone,sms,email), I was able to close in on my first home purchase.
Charlie Nguyen

Home Buyer

Yolanda was a real pleasure to work with, being that this was my first home purchase, she was very patient and was extremely helpful in guiding me through this unfamiliar process, her knowledge in the Los Angeles area and her background in escrow was extremely valuable. If I'm ever in the market again, I will definitely be using Yolanda! Jeff D.

Home Buyer

Yolanda really cares about her clients. She is super knowledgeable about the market and the process from start to finish. I can thoroughly recommend her. D.P.

Home Seller

I highly recommend Yolanda for her real estate expertise. Her friendly personality was what originally attracted me but it was her professionalism and knowledge that ultimately won me over. Because of her familiarity with the area, she made several suggested upgrades and was confident the ROI would be worth it. She was 100% right! She was selling it for my parents who had already moved out of the area and went above and beyond to make it as stress free of a process as possible. She was able to provide solid references for those which could do the job and often met with the workers at the house to ensure all was going smoothly. In the end, the house was on the market for 7 days during which time they received 9 offers and was sold for considerably more than the asking price. Yolanda did a great job and was amazing throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her.   Janet L.

Home Buyer and Seller

I have known Yolanda for 16 years and have worked with her several times. She is very knowledgeable and she has always worked extremely hard. She always put my best interests first. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. Robert T.

Home Seller

I can wholehearted recommend Yolanda. She is experienced, knowledgeable, professional and thorough. She saved me money and made the whole experience painless.

She was always available on my schedule and answered all my questions throughout the process.  Michael D.

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